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Trouble Shooting The Most Common Questions


What size cylinder do i have?

Cylinder size chart

cylinder size chart

What size of cylinders do you offer?

We carry the standard size cylinders. 20lb and 50lb CO2 and 200 cf Helium and Nitrogen.

How do I turn on and off the cylinder valve?

To open cylinder turn the valve counter-clockwise and to close reverse and turn clockwise.

What pressure do I adjust the regulator for my beer or soda?

Depends- Need to call your beverage supplier and ask. Most suppliers of beer or soda have their own recommendation on delivery pressures.

What is Beer Mix Gas?

Beer mix gas is a blend of Nitrogen and CO2. Most common blend is 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2. Beer gas is used for most micro brew and import beers. It also is used when pushing beer long distances as it won’t foam as much as straight CO2.

What does the fitting or vale look like on a CO2 cylinder?

CO2 cylinders are a CGA 320 valve. Male threads with flat surface that needs a CO2 washer.

I just received CO2 cylinder and the content gauge is in the red

CO2 is filled by weight not pressure. When cylinder just filled will only be at about 500 psi Full cylinders at 70 degrees is approximately 800 psi.

My gauge needle just hit the red arc on the regulator (order gas) am I out of product?

No it is getting close you should monitor it and change to your spare cylinder when getting close to bottom of arc.

I think my tank was delivered empty?

CO2 is filled by weight. 50 lb CO2 cylinders full weight is around 170 lbs. Drivers can tell when they move them if cylinder is empty or full. Most likely you had a leak or someone didn’t tell you they changed out the cylinder already.

How do I know if I have a leak in my CO2 system?

Beverage systems are a closed system- meaning when not pouring beverages the needles on a gauge should stay or be left where they were when cylinder is turned off. To check for leak open cylinder and mark on gauge where the needles are. Turn cylinder off and wait 2 minutes, then turn cylinder back on. If gauge needles move youe have a leak in the system. Get spray bottle and fill with one drop dish washing liquid and spray all fittings looking for bubbles.

I hear a popping sound where I keep the Bag in the Box syrup?

That is the carbonator clicking trying to fill boxes, you probably have an empty box of syrup. Replace and see if carbonator stops clicking.

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